Burkhard Georg Lehle

The Lehle Story

So who is Lehle?

The man behind the brand Lehle is me, Burkhard Georg Lehle! I live with my family in Voerde, in Germany's Lower Rhine district (the "Niederrhein"). Do I need to mention that I also play guitar? My goal is to create and build rational, robust, technically sophisticated products.

How it all started

Blending music and technology has always fascinated me - by the age of 13 I was playing electric guitar (and tuning it with no trouble, too!). Later, while at college (studying music and physics), I started repairing electric guitars and amps, so it was natural enough that that was what I chose to do after finishing college, setting up my own servicing workshop in the nearby town of Duisburg for local musicians.
ABY Dual 1at3

The idea behind the Lehle switcher

Talking to musicians in the workshop meant that I always knew at first hand what problems they had, what they would like to see in the way of equipment, and where things could be improved. A good many mentioned switchers that would work dependably without loss of sound and without generating noise. Soon enough, I realized that there was no product on the market that would do that, which, of course, was the starting point for development of the first A/B- and A/B/C switchers.

The development road

The first generation of switchers I soldered and assembled myself in the course of 1999. Even these early models incorporated relays for the switching function, activated by a discrete logic control. The following year I developed an innovative housing style with an integrated button mechanism that set new standards for robustness and reliability and made it possible to produce larger numbers without sacrificing quality.
Following the official market launch in 2001, this new generation of switchers is now available internationally from a selected range of importers and specialist outlets. Very pleasingly, several well-known guitarists have heard about the advantages they offer and now use Lehle switchers on a regular basis.
D.Loop Dual 1@3 3@1 1st Generation

New technologies

An important milestone was the development of the Lehle D.Loop – a Stereo Effect-Loop/Switcher featuring two separate loops and an integrated buffer amp. It is also, no less, the first example of a new generation of switchers, with the discrete switching logic arrangement replaced by an integrated microcontroller that makes switching even more user-friendly, improves timing, and will even process MIDI signals if you want it to.
And: It was my great pleasure to unveil the Lehle D.Loop at the 2004 Namm Show in Anaheim, Ca., USA
LTHZ Transformer

The Lehle LTHZ transformer

It's inner values that count - and that's especially true of the Lehle Dual. Since December 2004, its central element has been the Lehle LTHZ, a high-impendence transformer that is decisive for faithful reproduction of guitar sounds. It was possible to achieve this aim only via the interaction of ultra modern materials and top quality components, a key factor in the quality of the Lehle LTHZ. This transformer is thus ideally suited to electrical isolation of the high impedance signals normal for electric guitar.
Even now, it's becoming clear that the Lehle LTHZ is destined to revolutionize transformer technology.
Little Lehle II

Lehle Switchers for everyone!

I have developed the Little Lehle so that in future all players can have a Lehle switcher. The Little Lehle is universally suitable for use as a True Bypass Looper or Switcher, meets the genuine Lehle quality standard and is, of course, Made in Germany. Also available in the same format is the Lehle P-Split, a passive Splitter for high impedance signals. Like the Lehle Dual, the Lehle P-Split comes equipped with the new Lehle LTHZ transformer.
Lehle Dual SGoS

The Second Generation of Switching!

The Second Generation of Switching is the result of the constant development and refinement of our Lehle Switchers. Extensive improvements and new features have been incorporated - without sacrificing any of the reliable functions of the earlier generation of switchers. Totally new, for example, are the Second Generation's flexible and intuitively operable programmability, plus the capability to network multiple switchers via MIDI. In addition, the newly developed active click suppression system minimizes switching noise without affecting the sound. Still other details, such as the Tuner output on the Lehle Dual SGoS and the controllable buffer of the Lehle D.Loop SGoS, have been added in the new generation thanks to valuable suggestions by users.
The revised styling transitions smoothly from earlier models and remains clear and easily understandable even with the whole range of new functions. In line with earlier Lehle products is the virtually indestructible steel housing with its now many thousand-fold proven switching mechanism and, naturally, proven no-compromise signal quality!
Studio Dipol

The design

Simon Busse and Kostas Medugorac of Stuttgart´s designcompany Studiodipol www.studiodipol.com, both active guitar players, created the individual and elaborate design of the Second Generation of Switching. The success of this 2nd switcher generation, carried by the high recognition value, was going to influence the design of all future products. The design follows the function which is of eminent importance for the Lehle brand.. By now all presentations, brochures, convention booths and the website are designed by studiodipol.
Lehle Sunday Driver

The Sunday Driver

The D.Loop SGoS was the first to have it as a switchable feature. Due to frequent demand by customers it became a product of its own with 2 characteristic sounds : sunday and driver. Today the Sunday Driver is available as a pre-amp, a switchable version with true bypass and one with XLR output.
Lehle Parallel L

Parallel worlds

The Lehle D.Loop SGoS and the Little Lehle II both offer serial loops. The next evolution step was the Lehle Parallel with 2 bufferamps and an active mixing stage. Many new applications result from this design, the Lehle Parallel M is available as a pure effectsloop-mixer, the switchable version is called the Lehle Parallel L.
Jacques Ruppert


Jacques Ruppert from Luxembourg www.rmi.lu was searching for a company to realize his vision of an all-in-one bass preamp, when we found in him a competent specialist and the development of the Basswitch IQ DI began. The result is the combination of independent design, coupled with Lehle True Sound Technology and the innovative concept from RMI. The concept unites A/B switcher, High-End-Preamp, Clean Booster, a parametric EQ, Looper and, last but not least, professional quality DI signal routing. Since 2012 the Acouswitch is now available in many stores. It is , matching the Basswitch, a high-end preamp with 2 channels, a switchable parallel effectsloop, tuner-mute-function and a DI out which is isolated by a Lehle transformer.
Lehle GmbH

2013 all will be new

New facility - new name - new opportunities ! In the beginning the workshop and office where Lehle products were developed, manufactured and distributed were located right next to my residence. The old workshop soon became to small and did not offer enough storage and office space.
What has been announced via newsletters and our facebook page has now been achieved. The renovation and relocation has gone smoothly during our regular production and logistic work. Since early 2013 we have now switched to our new building, on the outskirts of the Voerde business park between forest and pastures. The company name has now officially been changed from Lehle Gitarrentechnik to Lehle GmbH.